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Resume samples to help you get the job
If you want your resume to stand out among other candidates for the position you are applying for, you might want to seek the help of a professional resume writer. We will be able to present your work experience and skills in the best way possible, and will make your potential employer be interested in hiring you from the first look at your resume. We understand if you might feel skeptical about what we do and that’s why we decided to post samples of resumes that we’ve designed. You can either try to create your own resume, or contact us to help you.
Our advantages
Skillful writers
Writing your resume is our job. And we do it with the highest level of commitment. Our writers are proficient in highlighting the best in your professional experience, with due regard for the market trends. 
Ongoing engagement
We ensure the essential level of communication to fulfill your goal. As appropriate, our manager contacts you to clarify the required pieces of information related to your resume. 
VIP support
Should you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team is available to provide you with the comfortable and reliable collaboration experience.
We guarantee high quality of the career tools we deliver. Nevertheless, you can request additional revisions. We provide rewriting services to ensure you get the desired invitations to the job interviews.  


Resume writing service vs resume template builder: who wins?

A good resume is like a beautiful avatar on social networks. When education and experience have faded into the background, a competently written and visually appealing resume becomes the main point of a successful job search. However, not everyone understands how important a resume is: according to statistics, a positive attitude to a resume affects the final decision on hiring by 73 %.

At the same time, the market provides the options to either order a resume in a resume writing service or to use an online resume builder to create your own resume based on a template. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and we will talk about them.

What makes a well-structured resume?
Whoever makes a resume for you, it is best to comply with the following core guidance:

  • Include your work experience, but only the one you are proud of. It is not necessary to describe absolutely everything, since employers value short resumes with a squeeze of the most important and relevant information.
  • Vary your experience depending on the vacancy. Each job application must be approached individually and creatively.
  • Never hesitate to indicate your salary expectations.
  • Structure information well. In a successfully written resume, all blocks are visually divided on the page; do not try to fit everything into one large list.

  • It seems that these points are obvious, but with the help of this checklist you can test the effectiveness of future resumes. Now let's turn to resume writing services and online platforms for building resumes.

    Resume writing services
    Ordering a resume in a resume writing agency has many advantages:

    • Each resume is treated individually as a unique work with its own content and style.
    • Career experts help you identify what information is important and what details can be omitted from the resume.
    • The service staff provides resume revisions on your request.
    • A resume is keywords-optimized for HR searches.

    • Ordering a resume in a resume writing agency has the following disadvantages:

      • The resume writing services are always paid.
      • You will have to wait for at least 1-3 days until a specialist finishes the work.
      • In most cases, you cannot choose an individual template.

      Resume template builders
      There are many platforms for the quick creation of resumes based on the ready-made templates that give you the choice of many tools. The resume template builders have the following advantages:

      • Platforms are free, and paid templates are relatively inexpensive.
      • By using a platform with templates, you can make a visually appealing resume.
      • The template can be reconfigured and edited at any time.

      • The resume template builders have the following disadvantages:

        • There are many templates, but they look very alike; it is difficult to find a truly original version.
        • You need to spend a durable period of time to think over the content and structure of your resume and to create a resume from scratch by yourself. 

          • What to choose?
            We can conclude that the best solution would be a service that provides an option to choose a template, and then to order its filling with the content. This allows you to get a professional resume in a beautiful design, with reduced time and effort. You can avoid the shortcomings of both options and get all their advantages.