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Resume Writing
We are a resume writing company and our aim is to provide you with the best resume ever. We are good at writing any types of resumes. Expect to get a resume that emphasizes your skills and strong suits, experience and qualifications. Additionally, our resumes are keyword-rich to make it easier for your potential employers to look for you. Military personnel resumes are also available.

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For recent graduates and people with less than 2 years of experience

We understand how hard it can be to get selected when you don’t have many things to share about yourself - just because you don’t have a lot of experience yet. However, what we also understand is how to make sure you are noticed and invited for an interview. We know all the ins and outs of the HR system and can show how valuable an entry-level employee can be to a potential employer. We will make sure your best qualities stand out and will use specific words an HR manager would want to see in a resume.    

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For people with more than 2 years of experience

When your work experience is more than 2 years, you need to upgrade your resume to a professional level. The wisest decision would be to ask a certified resume writer for help. We know how to organize and present your skills and work experience in a way that you will definitely get into the 2% of resumes that get invited for an interview. 

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For fresh starters or people who decided to change their career

Sometimes it seems impossible to present your best self and catch the attention of a potential employer if you are applying for a job you have no experience in. However, everything is possible if you know how. A professional resume writer knows how to make your skills and previous work experience look relevant for a desired position. We’ll make sure that you’ll get your interview within days.   

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For people at managerial positions
One of the most challenging resumes to write is for executives. They have to look substantial and be as detailed as possible. Not only will you have to make sure your accomplishments stand out, but you’ll also need to list various examples of results you’ve managed to achieve and problems you’ve solved. Here, numbers are very important. And who knows better what numbers should be included in a resume? Of course, it’s a professional resume writer. We will make sure all your executive, financial and managerial achievements are listed the way a potential employer wants.    

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From uniform to “collars” or for people resigning from military services
We understand it’s not easy to transition from military services to civilian life. We also do believe that serving your country can teach you a lot of useful and valuable things which can be used in your new civilian career. Our professional writers will mention every skill you have and make it relevant to your new career so that a potential employer will be more than happy to hire you. And, please, do know that your experience can help you open a number or doors!    

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For seekers of federal government employment
If you plan to apply for a position as a government employee, you’ll need other documents in addition to a particularly tailored resume. We will make sure that you don’t forget about such things as information about your citizenship and security background check, as well as references from your supervisors, awards, honors and all your achievements and accomplishments relevant to the position you are applying for. We will also double-check that the information we provide satisfies all legal requirements.

$142.60 - Order now


You are guaranteed to get the following:
  • An easy ordering process that takes just 5 minutes to complete.
  • A resume and/or cover letter crafted by an experienced, professional, and industry relevant writer.
  • Delivery on time.
  • A free revision if you do not receive an interview invitation within 30 days after order completion.
  • 30-day interview guarantee.
  • 100% satisfaction.


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A resume writing guide

When you are preparing for a new career step, you need to either create a resume or update the one you already have. Some people use the words resume and CV interchangeably; however, it is not right. CV is a short form for Curriculum Vitae, which is translated from Latin as “Course of (one’s) life.” In the USA, you need a CV when you are applying for a higher position in such fields as science, medicine or academia. As you can guess from the meaning of this word it should indicate a detailed educational background, all of your work history including training and internships and everything else that can demonstrate your credibility. That is why it sometimes can be 3 or 4 pages long. On the other hand, the goal of your resume is to quickly communicate your professional story and key skills. It should be a summary of your experience, accomplishments, and qualifications as well as skills that are attractive to your potential future employer. We see how it can be confusing and that’s why it is recommended to delegate this important part of the job seeking process to a professional resume writer. The certified writers know all the ins and outs of writing a great resume or CV, and will surely be able to help you.
  • To obtain an academic or scientific position
  • Formal, academic writing style
  • Text-rich
  • Complete history of academic achievements including research, teaching, awards and service
  • Designed to highlight your correspondence to a particular job or domain
  • Flexible
  • As long as necessary in order to tell your story. Typically 2-4 pages
  • To obtain a non-academic job
  • Bullet points
  • A minimum of text
  • Bullet points
  • A minimum of text
  • Summary of your most relevant skills and experience
  • Designed to highlight your correspondence to a specific job or company
  • 1-2 pages long
A resume is a marketing instrument which helps you to properly advertise yourself and make you stand out among hundreds or sometimes even thousands of other applicants.

Did you know that on average it takes an HR manager 10 seconds to disregard 8 out of 10 resumes? That is why your resume should be noticeable at first glance. In this article, we will share a few resume writing tips with you that can help you create an appealing resume. However, it’s always better to consult a specialist. A professional resume writer can present you in the most favorable way and knows for sure what an employer wants to see in your resume.
Did you know that professional resume writers always monitor the market and are up to date with all the latest trends? They also work closely with head hunters and know exactly what particular companies are looking for. With the help of a professional you are most likely to get selected for an interview.

Formats for your Resume
To get started, you need to choose a proper format for your resume. There are three most widespread.

Chronological Resume

Lists your work experience in reverse-chronological order.

  • This format is the best if you have great employment history and want to show how you’ve advanced in your career
  • This format is not recommended if you have gaps in your employment history

  • Contact Information
  • Objective or summary statement
  • Professional experience
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Additional information
Functional Resume

Focuses on skills rather than your work experience.

  • This format is the best if you have gaps in your employment history or if you are changing your career domain

  • Contact Information
  • Objective or summary statement
  • Summary of relevant skills
  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • Additional information
Combinated Resume

Accentuates work experience as well as relevant skills.

  • This format is more flexible
  • It lists either work experience or relevant skills first

  • Contact Information
  • Objective or summary statement
  • Summary of relevant skills
  • Professional experience
  • Education
  • No Additional information
The following is a list of the most common fonts used for resume writing:

  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Cambria
  • Constantia
  • Corbel
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Garamond
  • Georgia
  • Gill Sans
  • Helvetica
A recommended font size is 10-12. It’s always better to double-check and make sure that the text is not too big or too small.
Here is an example of a well-written resume. Let’s look at it and see what information we need to provide in every section.
Here is an example of a well-written resume. Let’s look at it and see what information we need to provide in every section.

Contact Information
The first section of any resume is your name and your contact information. You don’t need to include your full physical address. Today, since most communication during hiring process takes place online it’s not necessary to include it. All you need at the top is your name, email address, and your phone number.
A summary is a good way to sum up your professional background and aspirations. Imagine that you need to answer the question of how you would describe your work experience in one sentence and why you are a good fit for this position.
You can keep this section at the top or at the bottom. It’s recommended to keep it at the top if you are early on in your career or if your degree is an absolute requirement for the job. Otherwise, move it to the bottom if you have more work experience. The general rule with the education section is that you should only include the highest level of education as well as any licenses and certifications that are relevant to the job you are seeking. It’s optional to include your GPA if it’s higher than 3.5, but it’s only necessary to include this for jobs where the employer has specifically asked for it, or if this is your first job out of college.
Work Experience
The next section is your work experience. It is typically the longest section of your resume and should demonstrate that your past employment has qualified you for your next job. Here, beginning with your most recent job, you should list your most relevant work experience from the last ten to fifteen years. Include the name of the employer, your job title, years of employment and a few bullet points with your strong and most relevant accomplishments. Use strong action verbs and list accomplishments rather than tasks because employers are more interested in your achievements and not just the tasks you’ve done. When possible, also use numbers to measure your success. There are at least three different ways to measure your work:
1. People. Did you lead a team of people or make it possible for a task to be accomplished by fewer people?
2. Time. Did you speed up a process to get to a result more quickly?
3. Money. Did your work lead to sales, revenue or cost savings?
If you don’t have much work experience or if you are aiming at transition careers you might want to include your volunteer positions in this section.

Next, it is important to add skills to your resume because that’s where you can highlight your profile by keywords that employers are looking for. Depending on how relevant certain skills are to a job description, you can place skills above or below work experience. In general, there are two types of skills: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are abilities that are specific to your job (such as using specific software, speaking a foreign language, etc.). Soft skills, also known as ‘people’ or social skills are the abilities that can be applied in any job. They include proficiency in communication or customer service. You need to carefully analyze the job description to find out which skills the employer values most.
Soft Skills Examples
  • Listening
  • Negotiation
  • Writing reports and proposals, etc.
Critical thinking
  • Adaptability
  • Critical observation
  • Flexibility, etc.
  • Conflict management
  • Decision making
  • Motivating, etc.
Positive attitude
  • Confidence
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respectfulness, etc.
  • Collaboration
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal skills, etc.
Work ethic
  • Business ethics
  • Competitiveness
  • Working well under pressure, etc.
The final step of resume writing is to carefully proofread to catch any mistakes. We also encourage you to ask more people to look at your resume, because they will most likely catch anything you might have missed. But of course, the best option would be to ask a professional to check and evaluate your resume. It’s their job to make it perfect and to know all those little details about the resume writing process. We recommend you take advantage of their expertise.
In conclusion, let’s bullet point some of the tips that have been given above.
  • Since the goal of any resume is to quickly show that you are a great candidate for a position, include only the relevant level of education, work experience and skills.
  • Don’t be too wordy, because employers should quickly understand all the necessary information about you.
  • Use numbers and action verbs so that your potential employer could evaluate your importance for the company.
  • Use keywords from the job posting in your resume.
  • Proofread your resume several times and ask someone else to look at it for you.
  • Check out examples of other resumes online.
  • Ask a professional resume writer for help
A good resume can’t guarantee you getting a job; however, a tailored and well-written resume will surely increase your chances of going to an interview and become one of the lucky few who land their dream job!